5 Best City Building Games for PC (Free/Paid)

With the growing demand for games, there have been a whole lot of new games released on the market. Earlier only racing games used to rule the gaming world but now city building games are taking over the place. The reason is that these games require creative involvement by the users. There are certain city building games online free no download required. If you want to know about the city building games for PC then keep reading.

city building games for PC

City Building Games for PC

City building games involve the creation of virtual town and cities. By playing this game you get to know about your architectural creativity and the complete process of operating a big city. The virtual city builder i.e. the player needs to take care of various aspects of the city. This includes social, economic, political, and residential. You can play these city building games online. To know whether these city building games PC free download or not you need to visit the store.

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Urban Empire

Urban Empire is just not that usual classic game. It is much more than that. There are four ruling families and you are the city mayor who belongs to one of them. It requires the player to prove his or her skills against the opposing parties. The early stage of the game begins in the 1800s and continues for five different eras. The game combines the political intrigue with the city building process.


This is a unique building game that doesn’t involve building a city from the scratch. The player has to control a group of banished travelers who are about to start a new settlement. In the beginning, the banished travelers only have the clothes they wear and some basic supplies. The players need to work with the citizens and assign them the task. It is one of the best medieval city building games.

Prison Architect

Prison Architect is a game that involves building a high-security prison. Here, you are responsible for managing the canteen, guard room, and building an infirmary. It’s you who decides whether you need a solitary confinement cell or execution chamber. Once you are done with building your role will then change to a prisoner. You will have to find a way to escape the prison.

Cities: Skylines

Cities: Skylines is a simulation game that involves building a city. Released in 2015, there are about five expansion packs released that you can use with the game. In the beginning, you are going to get an empty land and some money to start with the construction. You are going to have control over every aspect of the city. For providing basic services you will have to set up the industrial, residential, and commercial zones. This is one of the best city building games.

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Anno 2205

If you want to build a virtual futuristic world then this game is best for you. Here, the players are assigned the role of corporate CEO who needs to compete with the corporations in colonizing the moon. You will have to develop new technologies to help the citizens flourish away from the Earth. The players will have to manage the cities on both the Moon and Earth to build a trade route.

How to Fix iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo- 3 Quick Fix

A mobile phone is an electronic telecommunications device. No matter how good the product is there is always a chance that you will face some technical issues related to it. Here, we are going to discuss one common problem that every iPhone user faces at some point in time i.e. Apple logo being stuck on the screen. If you want to know how to fix iPhone stuck on Apple logo then go through the complete article.

How to Fix iPhone stuck on Apple logo

How to fix iPhone stuck on Apple logo

This Apple logo problem actually leads to iPhone screen unresponsive to touch. You are unable to do anything on your phone. Before moving towards its solution let us first understand the root cause of this problem.

  • When you switch on your iPhone the device checks in with its hardware. This is part of its startup routine. So there are chances that the hardware is not responding as needed.
  • Jailbreaking is a process used by iPhone users to get access to the basic functionality of the iPhone. It involves complete restore of your device. This results in jailbroken iPhone stuck on Apple logo.
  • There are certain processes in your iPhone that have access to the core functionality of your device. They are iOS restores, updates, and data transfers from your computer to your iPhone. Sometimes these may also lead to problems. In fact use of faulty USB ports can cause software corruption resulting in this problem.

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iPhone stuck at Apple logo

Here, we are going to use the SSL method to resolve this issue.

  • First, look for the com.apple.springboard.plist from the launch demons sections of the system library. Once it is found then download it.
  • The file consists of code written in binary. You can use websites to convert the code from binary to text.
  • After the conversion process is complete. Search for “DYLD_INSERT_LIBRARIES” in the file.
  • Now, starting from the dot remove all the lines that are causing the problem.
  • Save the file and send it back to your device.
  • To resolve the issue successfully you will have to restart your iPhone.

iPhone is Frozen and won’t Turn off

For all those iPhone users who do not have a PC or Computer, there is a simple process for resolving this issue.

  • First, press the power and home button of your iPhone. You will have to wait until the Apple logo appears on the screen. It will take about 20 to 30 seconds.
  • Once the logo appears, leave your phone for half an hour.
  • After this, your problem will be resolved.

For iPhone 8 and higher version users, the steps are different. You can use the steps given below:

  • First, press and release the button that increases the volume of your iPhone.
  • Now, follow the steps mentioned above with the volume down button.
  • Press and hold the side button for about 10 seconds.
  • Try to follow these steps in quick successions.
  • Once your iPhone starts rebooting release the side button.

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Fix iPhone won’t Turn On past Apple Logo using Restore Factory

If you do not have a problem in losing the data of your mobile then only follow this method. Along with data loss, there are other complications that may result after using this method.

  • First, you will have to connect the USB cable on your iPhone to the dock connector.
  • Now, press the home button on your iPhone and connect the USB’s other end to the system.
  • The iTunes will be launched automatically in your system.
  • Now, rebooting your phone in the recovery mode will help in restoring it in few minutes.

Best Android Widgets Free For Your Home Screen

Android widgets are mini-applications that run on the home screen of your Android device. People often think of it as a shortcut icon to launch an application. It is not true as widgets take up much more space than a single icon and are generally used to display data. For example, Clock widgets display the data and time. The Android widgets list is huge so it is difficult to choose an application. Just check the best Android widgets and save your time.

Best Android Widgets

Best Android Widgets

Some Android mobiles and tablets even come with custom widgets. These are created by the manufacturer specifically for that device itself. There are some widgets that are part of the regular app while some are available as separate downloads. In fact, you can change the appearance of an existing widget or add functions to it using some widget extensions. You must try these best free Android widgets at least once.

After downloading these best widgets for Android you can add them to the home screen using these steps:

  • Press and hold anywhere on the blank spot of your home screen.
  • A menu will appear at the bottom of the screen.
  • Now, tap on the widgets tab.
  • Look for the widget you want to add to the home screen. Once you have found the widget just drag and drop it on the home screen.

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All Messages

This is one of those free android widgets that offers much more than the paid ones do. We all have accounts on different social media platforms. We have to open each application separately to view its messages. With all messages widget you can access them at one place. You can view the call log, social and text messages, including WhatsApp, Skype, Google Hangouts, Viber, WeChat, and Facebook. This Android phone widget is best for all those social media freaks. You can even check Facebook widgets Android on the Google Play store if you use only one social media account.


We all know that the world is going through some major climatic changes. Gone is the time when there was a specific period of time for winter, summer, or monsoon season. So you need to stay up to date with the weather conditions. This major requirement of today makes this one of the best android widgets 2018. After making the necessary changes you can view the current temperature and conditions at a glance.

My Data Manager

Do you keep downloading a lot of stuff on your mobile? When you download multiple applications on your device you do not realize that you are using much of your data. Most of the time we realize this in case of urgency when a certain application is required and there is no data left. We use the internet almost on a regular basis so it’s better we track the usage. With this application, you can reduce the billing amount of your phone. You can monitor your Wi-Fi, mobile and roaming usage. This widget works even in the case of a shared family plan. This is one of those cool Android widgets that every user must have.

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For all the music lovers we have added SoundHound to the top 5 Android widgets list. We are sure this might have happened to you that a tune is stuck in your mind and you are unable to remember the song. You have humming it in front of friends, family but nobody is able to recognize the title of the song. This widget is the one-stop solution for this problem. You just need to sing or hum a song and the widget will recognize it for you.

2 Methods To Convert MKV to MP4 Format (Tutorial)

Do you love watching videos? If your answer is yes then you might know that there are different types of video format available. Some stream high-quality content while others don’t.  MKV is one such video format that is highly popular. Now, this video format comes with certain compatibility issues so it’s you convert MKV to MP4 format. You can even convert MKV to MP4 online by following simple steps.

MKV to MP4

MKV to MP4

MKV or Matroska is a multimedia container that is available free of cost. It is capable of holding an unlimited number of picture, audio or video in one file. It may sound highly capable to you still there are a lot of media players that don’t support this format. Instead of finding software to play the MKVvideo files it is better you convert them. Now, MP4 is a widely-supported format so you can convert the MKV files to this format.

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Best Video Converter: VLC

We know you might be thinking that VLC is a media player. Yes, it is but this converter has the ability to convert the videos to different formats. If you already have VLC installed then you won’t have to search for mkv to mp4 converter online. You can follow the steps given below for the same:

  1. First, you will have to check your system that whether it has a VLC player or not. If it doesn’t then visit the VideoLAN’s homepage for the same. Make sure you read the fine print before installing the software. This will ensure that you are not introducing your system to any bloatware.
  2. Now, open the VLC software.
  3. Tap on the “Media” tab that appears towards the upper-left corner of the window. A drop-down will open with multiple options. Just select the “Convert/Save” option.
  4. Now, tap on the “Add” button. This will allow you to select the file from your system. After this, you need to click on the “Convert/Save” button.

Best Video Converter

  1. A drop-down menu is available besides the “Profile” menu. Using this drop-down you need to select the “H.264 + Mp3 (MP4)” format. If you want to make other settings then you can click on the tool icon.
  2. At the bottom, there is a destination option. You must click on the browse button to select a location for saving the file.
  3. Click on the start button to begin the conversion. This is the best free MKV converter.

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MKV to MP4 Converter Free Online: Cloud Convert

Cloud Convert is a fast video converter online. Although there are multiple sites available online that offers similar service but this one is highly trustworthy.  For years this site has been giving this service and supports the wide variety of formats. So you can easily convert MKV to MP4 easily.

  • First, you will have to visit the official site of Cloud Convert. You need to type the site’s name in the Google’s search tab and it will show you the site as the result.

MKV to MP4 Converter Free Online

  • Move to the conversion page of the website. You will be able to see the select files button. Tap on the button to select the file from your system. In case the file is not in your system you can click on the down arrow. You will be able to see other options like “Add from URL” and “Choose from Dropbox”. You can use this alternative method for selecting the files.
  • Now, select the “MP4” format for conversion. Once you are done then you can click on the “Start Conversion” button.
  • Once the conversion is complete, tap on the download button to download and save the file on your system.

5 Best Animes on Netflix That You Must Watch

Earlier getting your hands on anime series was a pain. The series was originally introduced in Japan and became very popular. Due to language barrier even if people wanted to watch the series they couldn’t. Soon various streaming sites realized the need to add anime on their site. Some sites had good quality anime content and some didn’t. You must watch animes on Netflix to get access to high-quality content.

Animes on Netflix

Animes on Netflix

You are reading this article that means you are an ardent anime lover. There are multiple anime series or movies released in the past. Some of them are so good that every anime lover might have watched it. With episodic series the curiosity to watch the next episode increases. They are more intriguing as they take our imagination to next level. The categories of anime include romance, sci-fi, and horror. You must check them if you are looking for good anime to watch 2018.

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Kill La Kill

This is a Japanese anime series created by the production studio named as “Trigger”. The story revolves around an orphan school girl whose name is Ryuko Matoi. She takes admission in a school where the students where uniforms that give them superhuman powers. She has to go through a lot of things to find out about the mysterious death of her father. You may find the story basic but the portrayal is beautiful. This is one of the best anime movies on Netflix.

Anime Netflix Original

Death Note

If we talk about Netflix anime movies then Death Note has to be on the list. The story is about a high school student whose name is Light Yagami. He finds a notebook that lets him murder anybody by just writing their name on the book. According to him, it is a step towards making the world a better place. But a young detective tries to catch him. The cat and mouse game between the two is compelling. This is a great anime to watch now.

Netflix Anime Movies


This anime series is based on a popular manga series. The story revolves around a man named Ginko. He travels through Japan to investigate the primitive spirits that cause trouble. This is a rather peaceful and pastoral series as compared to other animes on the list. He doesn’t stay at a particular place for long. Thus, the travels are episodic and loose. With the great atmosphere, you can listen to soothing music. Mushishi Netflix series has filmed some of the best-animated snow areas.

Best Anime Movies on Netflix

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The strongest aspect of this series is its cast. This Netflix anime original revolves around the residents of Ikebukuro. The viewers can enjoy the narration from multiple perspectives. A student who is recently transferred to this town is introduced to the new neighborhood. The characters are quirky especially the Irish fairy. It is fun to watch these episodes as you will find the most stylish animation on your screen.

Netflix anime original

Rurouni Kenshin

One of the best parts of anime Netflix original is that it has some of the best all-time classics. While there are many but Rurouni Kenshin holds a special place. It is one of the most influential series of all time. The tale revolves around a swordsman who decides to never take another life and wanders around helping people. It’s been almost two decades since the series was telecast but it still holds up really well.

Anime to watch now

Snagfilms Review: Free Films Online Streaming

Earlier people were more interested in watching movies in the theatre. They used to love meeting their friends personally and spending more time with them. Now, the scenario is a bit different. Convenience is the factor influencing people’s choice for the source of entertainment. Most of us are extremely busy in our lives. Thus, watching movies and shows online is the best choice. For the same, we are going to give you details about Snagfilms so that you can watch movies online.



The main aim of developing the Snagfilms website was targeting the documentary and independent movie lovers. Due to its free films online streaming service, this has to be your choice for watching movies. This is an ad-supported service so you will have to wait for a few seconds before you can watch videos on the website. Snagfilms is the best platform for the filmmakers as they can submit their work on the website. They can get recognition if the audience likes their work.

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How is the Video Quality and Streaming Player?

These functions differ on the website and the application. If you are going to access the website then you can change the quality of video and increase or decrease the volume. In fact, the user can even enter or exit the full-screen mode of the video. The Snagfilms app doesn’t support the video quality change function. It depends on the speed of the internet whether the video will be of high-quality or not.

Talking about the video quality the Snagfilms offers most of the titles in 720p or 1080p quality. This means the videos are of good quality. When you compare the videos on Snagfilms with other websites you will find that the content on this site is superior to them. Make sure the internet connection is not poor otherwise the videos quality might reduce to 480p.

Snagfilms Free Streaming: Interface

When it comes to free streaming service websites the design and interface of this website are the best. The layout of the site is uniform throughout the web pages. On the homepage at the top, you can view tabs like home, movies, and shows. Just below it is a large-sized slider that shows the latest addition to the website. When you scroll down you can view different categories like Veterans and the Military, before they were stars, History lessons, Youth and education and more.

Free Films Online Streaming

Snagfilms Watch Free Movies

On the official website of Snagfilms, you will find 5,000 titles. Most of the videos are of high-quality. You will find some really interesting movies and documentaries on this site. These are rare to find on other competitive sites. The movies on the website are divided into categories like festival favorites, award winners, classic movies, politics, faith and spirituality, music and more. On the other hand, the shows are divided into categories like comedy series, kids and family, and guilt-free TV.

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Snagfilms Review

This is a brilliant service for people who love to watch unique content and top documentary films. It is an absolute pleasure to watch content on this site. You can watch them on different devices like Roku, iOS, Panasonic Smart TVs, Windows 8, Apple TV, and more. The app is specially developed to support multiple devices and give you a better user experience. There are other sites like tubi tv and wowmovie that offer the similar service but this one is the best.

6 Best Torrent Sites That Are Still Working

Every year a lot of torrent sites are released. Since the launch of torrent files, they have become extremely famous. It is one of the best ways to access pirated or banned data that you won’t get on any other site. The user can download different types of data like movies, songs, games and more free of cost. Here, we are going to provide you with the best torrent sites for you.

Best Torrent Sites

Best Torrent Sites

A torrent file contains information about the files and folders. In a similar way, torrent sites provide you with links to best sites to download movies and shows. Torrent is a file extension used for Torrent clients. These files help you in the easy download of shows. The speed of downloading the torrent file depends on factors like seeders, leechers, and peers.

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Yify Torrents

Yify has launched 4 years ago. When we talk about the list of best torrent download sites then this site has to be on the list. Using this site you can download high-quality movies and songs. For better user experience the site has some additional features like the facebook page, chat area etc. The user interface of the site is highly polished. It provides the user with virus-free movies link.


SeedPeer is one of the best torrent download sites. On the homepage, you can check the list of torrent movies. Once you find your favorite one you can click on the link to start the download. On the top section of the site, there is a search bar for searching your favorite movie.

KickAss Torrents

Whenever we talk about the torrent sites this site tops the list. The site was founded in 2009. Just after the launch of this site, it gained a lot of popularity. You must understand one fact about torrenting sites. There are certain regions where the torrenting sites are banned. If this occurs in your region then you can use the VPN service to access the same.


TorrentFunk is the best site for torrent geeks. You will get verified files that are trusted by a wide range of downloaders and provides you with malware free files. According to Alexa, it is one of the popular sites. On the homepage, you will find torrents that are divided into different categories. These categories include Top 10 E-book torrents, Top 10 Music Torrents, Top 10 Anime Torrents, and Top 10 Software Torrents.

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is one of the top torrent sites of 2018. It uses a special search algorithm to find the torrent file for you. You can filter the files using video, audio, games, and applications. The overall user interface of the site is clean. The site is available in 30 different languages. Thus, a wide range of users can visit the site. In fact, the content on the site is updated regularly. This site was also listed amongst the best torrent sites 2016.

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Lime Torrents

Limetorrents is an old torrent site. However, the fame and popularity didn’t come easily to these sites. After years of regular work on the site it reached the heights, it is now on. It has a responsive way of searching your favorite files. It has different categories of content like movies, software, video, and anime.

How to Delete Facebook Account Permanently

How to quit Facebook? Cancel Facebook account now. How to quit Facebook for good? If you are searching for these queries you have landed on the right page. But there is a saying that access to everything is bad. So if you felt that you are killing all your time on Facebook, rather than doing anything productive. There are two options for you one is the known idea of deactivating of your account which most of us know already. The other option is to delete Facebook account permanently.

Note: However if you want to know how to delete Facebook Page, that’s a different thing altogether.

Delete Facebook Account Permanently

How to delete Facebook permanently?

If you do not want to go for delete Facebook account permanently option, there is a less messy option called deactivation. This option gives you break from Facebook but your data is not lost, it’s just that other users can’t see it anymore.

Steps for Deactivation of Facebook account:

  1. Go to settings.
  2. Go to Security login.
  3. Scroll down to the bottom.
  4. Select Deactivate.
  5. Choose your reason for deactivating.
  6. Click o deactivate button, and you are done.

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How to reactivate Facebook Account?

Whenever you want to come back, you can simply log in from your same user ID and password and find your account preserved. This is an answer to how to protect your Facebook. However, if you don’t want to preserve your Facebook account you can proceed to the final option. You need to follow the below-mentioned steps

Backup the Data

First and foremost thing that you should do is take a back up of your data, especially your photos. For doing this you have to first login to your account, navigate to the menu (right top corner). Then, Go to settings. Click on “Download a Copy of Your Facebook Data”. You will find “Stat My Archive Button” you have to click on that button and press OK. This action will automatically abstract an archive of all your data, including posts that you shared. There is also an option for downloading all your conversations, and you’re “About” section as in your profile. Once the archive is ready, you will get an E-mail notification through Facebook.

2. Erase Facebook History

Next recommended step is erasing your Facebook history. Facebook takes around two weeks to take off all your information completely. So, if you want a quick exit, you can do it manually. You need to remove the posts and photos you don’t like you can delete or remove it. However, you can only delete photos that you have uploaded.

If you also want to take down photos uploaded by your friends, either you can untag yourself, or you can select the option “I Want to remove this Photo from Facebook.” Just pick a reason from the list and click on continue.

One last step before deleting your account is modifying your name. As we have already told you that Facebook might take the same time to delete all your data like your name, you’re URL etc completely. For quick exit, you can help yourself by doing a little modification in your account.

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How to permanently delete Facebook Link

Delete my Facebook account right now


Now you are ready for the final step.

  • Sign in to your Facebook Account.
  • Search link for deleting the account.
  • Click on “ Delete My Account”
  • Click OK to confirm.

Final words

Once you deactivate your FB account, you will be logged out with all the apps using that account, like photo grid, Instagram, snap chat, beauty plus, candy crush etc. In case you want to access them either you have to update a valid mail ID in all of these or you have to reactivate your account.

5 Best Apk to Root Android without PC/Computer

Before proceeding towards the ways on how to root android without computer you must know “root”. Root is actually a superuser or “su”. When you sign in to your phone you are allowed to certain limited things. Similarly, the apps installed on your phone have access to only certain things. This occurs because you are not a root user.  If you become root user you can do anything on your system. So read the article to know how to root Android without PC.

Root Android Without PC

Root Android without PC

Here, we have listed the Android APK that is going to help you in rooting Android without PC. These Apk are going to work without hard bricking your smartphone. You will find multiple methods to root Android with PC. Do you think all these methods are safe? They are not, so we have come up with this way to get a rooted Android device in a safe way.

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iRoot is the best apk for rooting Android without Computer. Among the power-android users, it is already a popular name. Although it is a Chinese app the English version has a lot of mods. Recently the app achieved a great position due to its continuous updates for better user experience. It makes it easy for you to root Android in one click.

Rooting Android without Computer

Steps to root Android using iRoot:

  • Once you have downloaded the iRoot apk file, tap to start the installation.
  • Open the application on your mobile.
  • You will have to agree to the terms and conditions by tapping on “I Agree”.
  • Now, tap on “Root” button to start the rooting process

Towel Root

When it comes to rooting apps apk Towel Root has got good success rate. It is completely safe to use this apk. Users can root most of the HTC devices without using PC.

Root android in one click

Steps to root Android using Towel Root

  • Make sure you take the backup of your device before proceeding further.
  • Download and install the apk file of Towel Root.
  • Open the application and click on “Make it Rain”.
  • Wait for a few minutes so that your device is rooted.

Universal Android Root

Universal AndRoot is the application that you can use to root almost every device. The application doesn’t work on all the models of Android phones. It supports devices like HTC Hero, HTC Tattoo, Dell Streak, and more. Some people like to use the rooting services for a limited period of time. For those, the application has undo root option too. You are going to love this one click root Android.

Rooting Apps Apk

Steps to root Android using Universal Android Root

  • Enable the Unknown sources settings on your phone.
  • Download and install the Universal AndRoot apk.
  • Tap on the apk to open it.
  • Finally, click on the root button to complete the rooting process.


If you are looking for the root Android apk then FramaRoot is best for you. The apk allows rooting android phone without computer in the simplest way. With support for multiple devices, the app has to the popular one. The apk was basically created for MTK chipset Android phones but it supports multiple models.

Rooting Android without PC

Steps to root Android using FramaRoot

  • Tap on the FramaRoot file on your Android. This will start the installation process.
  • From the app drawer of Android open the Framaroot.
  • Now, tap on Boromir and wait till the “Su Installed successfully” message appears.

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Z4Root is one of the oldest apps that were developed to root Android without PC. The root Android without PC apk is suitable for the users like Motorola, Samsung, HTC, and Sony. With success rate of 99% on all the Samsung Galaxy S series devices, the application is trustworthy.

Root Android Apk

Steps to root Android using Z4Root

  • Install and open the Z4Root apk.
  • Tap on the Root button.
  • Wait for the process to complete and restart your Android phone.

5 Best iPhone Apps Free That Every iPhone User Must Have

Applications have made our life much easier. Earlier you had to visit a particular site and go through multiple clicks to find something. But now different websites have released their applications so that the user can easily access their services. Whether you want to read a book, search for a place, or buy something everything can be accessed using mobile apps. So check the best iPhone apps here.

Best iPhone Apps

Best iPhone Apps

The iPhone is one of the most popular smartphones in the world. Using applications is one of the best ways to get the most out of them. There are apps that are only used for fun and others that are innovative and useful.  There are over 2 million applications available on the App Store. With over 1000 applications added to the App Store on a regular basis, there is an immense variety available for you. We have listed top iPhone apps of all time.

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Are you looking for best iPhone apps free? Do you love learning new languages? If yes, then Duolingo is great for you. You can learn about 30 languages free of cost. It includes popular languages like French, Spanish, German, Italian, Hindi, and English. Other than iOS you can also download this application on Android devices. Unlike other apps on this app, you can learn languages using interactive games.

Best iPhone Apps Free

Battery Life

Do you face issues related to the battery? With lots of applications running on your device iPhone’s run out of battery a bit faster. So you must know about the applications that are consuming maximum battery life. In case of low battery, this information is going to be really helpful. With information about the present condition of your battery, you can replace it at right time. This makes its addition to the best apps for iPhone 6 a must.


With such hectic lives, a lot of people face issues like stress, anxiety, and sleeping issues. Dealing with issues can be sometimes very challenging. Calm is an app that is going to bring peace, joy, and clarity to your life. The app offers ways like breathing programs, sleep stories, meditations, and relaxing music. These ways are recommended by health experts and psychologists to help you get out of such situations. Due to its multiple benefits, this has to be in the must have iPhone apps.

Best iPhone Apps Ever


Enlight is a photo editing app. Awarded as the “2015 App of the Year” by the App Store in Germany, Canada, and other countries. The app has much more to offer than you can think.  You can create Graphic designs and art, get creative with text and photos, or turn images into artistic creations. This is one of the best iPhone apps ever.

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Do you love reading? This is one of those free apps for iPhone that offer reading service. You can browse the newly published books. To make your experience of reading more interesting the app uses different ways. This includes personalized recommendations, user-generated review, and challenges.  You can also check out the books that people in your close-knit circle are reading. Users can register on this site to generate reading lists and library catalogs.

Must have iPhone Apps