Best Android Widgets Free For Your Home Screen

Android widgets are mini-applications that run on the home screen of your Android device. People often think of it as a shortcut icon to launch an application. It is not true as widgets take up much more space than a single icon and are generally used to display data. For example, Clock widgets display the data and time. The Android widgets list is huge so it is difficult to choose an application. Just check the best Android widgets and save your time.

Best Android Widgets

Best Android Widgets

Some Android mobiles and tablets even come with custom widgets. These are created by the manufacturer specifically for that device itself. There are some widgets that are part of the regular app while some are available as separate downloads. In fact, you can change the appearance of an existing widget or add functions to it using some widget extensions. You must try these best free Android widgets at least once.

After downloading these best widgets for Android you can add them to the home screen using these steps:

  • Press and hold anywhere on the blank spot of your home screen.
  • A menu will appear at the bottom of the screen.
  • Now, tap on the widgets tab.
  • Look for the widget you want to add to the home screen. Once you have found the widget just drag and drop it on the home screen.

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All Messages

This is one of those free android widgets that offers much more than the paid ones do. We all have accounts on different social media platforms. We have to open each application separately to view its messages. With all messages widget you can access them at one place. You can view the call log, social and text messages, including WhatsApp, Skype, Google Hangouts, Viber, WeChat, and Facebook. This Android phone widget is best for all those social media freaks. You can even check Facebook widgets Android on the Google Play store if you use only one social media account.


We all know that the world is going through some major climatic changes. Gone is the time when there was a specific period of time for winter, summer, or monsoon season. So you need to stay up to date with the weather conditions. This major requirement of today makes this one of the best android widgets 2018. After making the necessary changes you can view the current temperature and conditions at a glance.

My Data Manager

Do you keep downloading a lot of stuff on your mobile? When you download multiple applications on your device you do not realize that you are using much of your data. Most of the time we realize this in case of urgency when a certain application is required and there is no data left. We use the internet almost on a regular basis so it’s better we track the usage. With this application, you can reduce the billing amount of your phone. You can monitor your Wi-Fi, mobile and roaming usage. This widget works even in the case of a shared family plan. This is one of those cool Android widgets that every user must have.

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For all the music lovers we have added SoundHound to the top 5 Android widgets list. We are sure this might have happened to you that a tune is stuck in your mind and you are unable to remember the song. You have humming it in front of friends, family but nobody is able to recognize the title of the song. This widget is the one-stop solution for this problem. You just need to sing or hum a song and the widget will recognize it for you.

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