5 Best City Building Games for PC (Free/Paid)

With the growing demand for games, there have been a whole lot of new games released on the market. Earlier only racing games used to rule the gaming world but now city building games are taking over the place. The reason is that these games require creative involvement by the users. There are certain city building games online free no download required. If you want to know about the city building games for PC then keep reading.

city building games for PC

City Building Games for PC

City building games involve the creation of virtual town and cities. By playing this game you get to know about your architectural creativity and the complete process of operating a big city. The virtual city builder i.e. the player needs to take care of various aspects of the city. This includes social, economic, political, and residential. You can play these city building games online. To know whether these city building games PC free download or not you need to visit the store.

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Urban Empire

Urban Empire is just not that usual classic game. It is much more than that. There are four ruling families and you are the city mayor who belongs to one of them. It requires the player to prove his or her skills against the opposing parties. The early stage of the game begins in the 1800s and continues for five different eras. The game combines the political intrigue with the city building process.


This is a unique building game that doesn’t involve building a city from the scratch. The player has to control a group of banished travelers who are about to start a new settlement. In the beginning, the banished travelers only have the clothes they wear and some basic supplies. The players need to work with the citizens and assign them the task. It is one of the best medieval city building games.

Prison Architect

Prison Architect is a game that involves building a high-security prison. Here, you are responsible for managing the canteen, guard room, and building an infirmary. It’s you who decides whether you need a solitary confinement cell or execution chamber. Once you are done with building your role will then change to a prisoner. You will have to find a way to escape the prison.

Cities: Skylines

Cities: Skylines is a simulation game that involves building a city. Released in 2015, there are about five expansion packs released that you can use with the game. In the beginning, you are going to get an empty land and some money to start with the construction. You are going to have control over every aspect of the city. For providing basic services you will have to set up the industrial, residential, and commercial zones. This is one of the best city building games.

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Anno 2205

If you want to build a virtual futuristic world then this game is best for you. Here, the players are assigned the role of corporate CEO who needs to compete with the corporations in colonizing the moon. You will have to develop new technologies to help the citizens flourish away from the Earth. The players will have to manage the cities on both the Moon and Earth to build a trade route.

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