5 Best iPhone Apps Free That Every iPhone User Must Have

Applications have made our life much easier. Earlier you had to visit a particular site and go through multiple clicks to find something. But now different websites have released their applications so that the user can easily access their services. Whether you want to read a book, search for a place, or buy something everything can be accessed using mobile apps. So check the best iPhone apps here.

Best iPhone Apps

Best iPhone Apps

The iPhone is one of the most popular smartphones in the world. Using applications is one of the best ways to get the most out of them. There are apps that are only used for fun and others that are innovative and useful.  There are over 2 million applications available on the App Store. With over 1000 applications added to the App Store on a regular basis, there is an immense variety available for you. We have listed top iPhone apps of all time.

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Are you looking for best iPhone apps free? Do you love learning new languages? If yes, then Duolingo is great for you. You can learn about 30 languages free of cost. It includes popular languages like French, Spanish, German, Italian, Hindi, and English. Other than iOS you can also download this application on Android devices. Unlike other apps on this app, you can learn languages using interactive games.

Best iPhone Apps Free

Battery Life

Do you face issues related to the battery? With lots of applications running on your device iPhone’s run out of battery a bit faster. So you must know about the applications that are consuming maximum battery life. In case of low battery, this information is going to be really helpful. With information about the present condition of your battery, you can replace it at right time. This makes its addition to the best apps for iPhone 6 a must.


With such hectic lives, a lot of people face issues like stress, anxiety, and sleeping issues. Dealing with issues can be sometimes very challenging. Calm is an app that is going to bring peace, joy, and clarity to your life. The app offers ways like breathing programs, sleep stories, meditations, and relaxing music. These ways are recommended by health experts and psychologists to help you get out of such situations. Due to its multiple benefits, this has to be in the must have iPhone apps.

Best iPhone Apps Ever


Enlight is a photo editing app. Awarded as the “2015 App of the Year” by the App Store in Germany, Canada, and other countries. The app has much more to offer than you can think.  You can create Graphic designs and art, get creative with text and photos, or turn images into artistic creations. This is one of the best iPhone apps ever.

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Do you love reading? This is one of those free apps for iPhone that offer reading service. You can browse the newly published books. To make your experience of reading more interesting the app uses different ways. This includes personalized recommendations, user-generated review, and challenges.  You can also check out the books that people in your close-knit circle are reading. Users can register on this site to generate reading lists and library catalogs.

Must have iPhone Apps

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