How to Delete Facebook Account Permanently

How to quit Facebook? Cancel Facebook account now. How to quit Facebook for good? If you are searching for these queries you have landed on the right page. But there is a saying that access to everything is bad. So if you felt that you are killing all your time on Facebook, rather than doing anything productive. There are two options for you one is the known idea of deactivating of your account which most of us know already. The other option is to delete Facebook account permanently.

Note: However if you want to know how to delete Facebook Page, that’s a different thing altogether.

Delete Facebook Account Permanently

How to delete Facebook permanently?

If you do not want to go for delete Facebook account permanently option, there is a less messy option called deactivation. This option gives you break from Facebook but your data is not lost, it’s just that other users can’t see it anymore.

Steps for Deactivation of Facebook account:

  1. Go to settings.
  2. Go to Security login.
  3. Scroll down to the bottom.
  4. Select Deactivate.
  5. Choose your reason for deactivating.
  6. Click o deactivate button, and you are done.

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How to reactivate Facebook Account?

Whenever you want to come back, you can simply log in from your same user ID and password and find your account preserved. This is an answer to how to protect your Facebook. However, if you don’t want to preserve your Facebook account you can proceed to the final option. You need to follow the below-mentioned steps

Backup the Data

First and foremost thing that you should do is take a back up of your data, especially your photos. For doing this you have to first login to your account, navigate to the menu (right top corner). Then, Go to settings. Click on “Download a Copy of Your Facebook Data”. You will find “Stat My Archive Button” you have to click on that button and press OK. This action will automatically abstract an archive of all your data, including posts that you shared. There is also an option for downloading all your conversations, and you’re “About” section as in your profile. Once the archive is ready, you will get an E-mail notification through Facebook.

2. Erase Facebook History

Next recommended step is erasing your Facebook history. Facebook takes around two weeks to take off all your information completely. So, if you want a quick exit, you can do it manually. You need to remove the posts and photos you don’t like you can delete or remove it. However, you can only delete photos that you have uploaded.

If you also want to take down photos uploaded by your friends, either you can untag yourself, or you can select the option “I Want to remove this Photo from Facebook.” Just pick a reason from the list and click on continue.

One last step before deleting your account is modifying your name. As we have already told you that Facebook might take the same time to delete all your data like your name, you’re URL etc completely. For quick exit, you can help yourself by doing a little modification in your account.

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How to permanently delete Facebook Link

Delete my Facebook account right now


Now you are ready for the final step.

  • Sign in to your Facebook Account.
  • Search link for deleting the account.
  • Click on “ Delete My Account”
  • Click OK to confirm.

Final words

Once you deactivate your FB account, you will be logged out with all the apps using that account, like photo grid, Instagram, snap chat, beauty plus, candy crush etc. In case you want to access them either you have to update a valid mail ID in all of these or you have to reactivate your account.

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