FIXD Review (2018): Fix all your car problems

Now you can transform your car into a smart vehicle with FIXD. The FIXD is a combination of hardware and software and is powered by car monitoring technology where its fixed sensor connected with your car and its App installed on your smartphone device. If you are also looking for car diagnostic tool or sensor then here you can check the details of FIXD Sensor and its work function.

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FIXD Review

Fixd: Indicators

  • Multiple Vehicle Control diagnose overall condition of your car as well as monitors your vehicle requirements.
  • Vehicle Know-How will give you an inside view and your vehicle overall condition.
  • Engine light will turn on if any type of repair is required.
  • Maintenance timeline acts as an indicator that indicates whenever your car needs service.
  • Continuous monitoring will send you an alert if FIXD detect any problem.
  • Mileage information provider that tells you about your vehicle maintenance requirement based on mileage.

What is FIXD?

FIXD is a trendy tool for your car as well as a new and trendy device that will turn your car into a smart vehicle. FIXD combines all your hardware and software tools and is powered by software car monitoring technology that will gives you warning signs, all you must connect your FIXD sensor to your car. Not only this, the device also helps in monitoring your vehicle completely and make the driver understand the requirements of maintenance in an accurate manner.

FIXD: Offerings

Here you can check the offers that FIXD provides to their users:

  • Easy to Use: The FIXD tool is very easy to use and the user did not require any technical knowledge to install the app. The installation of app on your android device is also very easy.
  • Frequent reminders: The user will get the periodically notifications whenever your vehicle requires any maintenance so that you can plan accordingly.
  • Safe: The app uses various safety protocol that make your vehicle safe and secure.
  • Customer Service: FIXD offers you 24*7 customer support and amazing customer service that helps you solve all your problems occurs in FIXD.

Fixd App Review

Functions of FIXD

FIXD is wonderful diagnosis tool that monitors your car’s overall health. All you must connect the FIXD sensor with your vehicle’s OBD II part that is placed at the below of your wheel. The sensor of the FIXD will receive information about your car health and condition. The information will then be forwarded to FIXD app which is installed on your smartphone device. You will then receive the sensor code later that signifies the connection of the sensor with your app, all you must connect the sensor with the Bluetooth.

If you find any problem occurs in a car then you will find that the engine of your light will turn on. You will get the overall information about the problem detected in your car with its negative impact that ruin your overall car functioning. The FIXD tool can diagnose approximately 6,800 problems in your car.

Final Verdict

FIXD is a necessary tool for your vehicle that helps in diagnose all your car problem as well as ignite the engine light if any problem occurs or maintenance required in a car.

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