How to Add Page Number in Word (2013/2010/2007)

Want to keep the data in the document organized? Do you want an easy access to a section of the page? You can simply do this by adding page numbers to the document. When you add a page number to the document it looks more professional. Without wasting much time let’s learn how to add page number in Word.  We have listed 3 different ways for inserting page numbers in Word.

How to Add Page Number in Word

How to Add Page Number in Word

Page numbers are very useful especially in the case of books, essays, and dissertations. These documents are very large in size. There are two sections where you can add a page number. You can either add them to the top or bottom of the page. Microsoft Word allows the user to change the format of the page number. Some documents require a different format for different sections of the same document. Microsoft Word supports these complex forms of adding page numbers too.

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Adding Page Numbers in Word

  • First, open a page in the Word document. The numbering of the page will start from that page itself.
  • You will have to double-click on bottom or top of the page. The page numbers will appear in that section of the page only. The “Header and Footer tools” tab will automatically open.

Inserting Page Numbers in Word

  • On the ribbon, the third option will be for page numbers. Alternatively, you can use the insert menu to view the page number option.
  • Now, open the drop-down for page numbers.
  • Select the “Top of Page” or “Bottom of Page” option. Move your cursor to these options. Their respective samples would appear on the right.
  • Tap to add page numbers to Word

How to Add Page Numbers in Word 2016

You can even add page numbers in the mid of the document. This involves unlinking the sections to add different page numbers in Word. Here, you can learn How to Add Page Number in Word in-between the pages.

  • First, go to Page Layout->Breaks.

How to Insert Page Number in Word

  • Select the next page option from the drop-down.
  • Double-click in the footer or header area of the page. This will open the “Header & Tools” section.
  • Click on “Link to Previous” option to turn it off. This would unlink the previous section of header and footer.
  • Tap on the page number option to select the location and style of the page number.
  • Now, tap on the “Format Page Numbers” option. The page number format dialog box will open.
  • Tap on “Start At” and type 1.

Add Page Numbers to Word

  • Click ok to apply the formatting.
  • You can even remove page numbers. Select a page number and press delete.
  • Now, tap on “Close Header and Footer” to close the tools window.

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How to Insert Page Number in Word

Change the formatting of the page numbers by following these steps:

  • First, open the page with a page number.
  • Use the cursor to select the page number. The selected number would appear blue in color.
  • Now, a formatting box would appear on the screen. Change the size, font, color and more for the page numbers.
  • The changes you make on one page are automatically applied to other pages.

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