How to Clear Cache in iPhone ( 6, 5s, 4, 7, X)

The iOS devices are user-friendly. The operating system used on the iOS devices is Unix-like. There are different iOS devices available in the market including iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. The iPhone is one of the most popular iOS. If you are looking for a way on How to Clear Cache in iPhone, keep reading. You can also check iOS clear cache.

How to clear cache in iPhone

How to Clear Cache in iPhone

Sometimes due to unwanted files and memory hogs, there are clogs created in the device. These files slow down the functioning of the device. Removing these unnecessary files from the iPhone will improve its performance. If the browser of your phone is not working properly, then there might be cache issues. By deleting the cache files you can also achieve iPhone clear memory.

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iPhone Delete Cache

  • First, open the Settings app on your iPhone. The app looks like a gear with a grey background.

iPhone Delete Cache

  • Second, scroll down and tap on the Safari option.
  • You will see a list of Safari options. Look for the “Clear History and Website Data” option and tap on it.

iPhone Clear Cache

  • Now, the device will prompt you again with the same option. Click on the option to clear the files completely.

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iOS Clear App Cache

App data also takes up a lot of memory of the phone. So you need to follow these steps to clear that data:

  • First, open the Settings App.
  • Scroll down and tap on the “General” menu that appears just below “Do not Disturb”.
  • Click on Storage & iCloud Usage-> Manage Storage. Details of the memory usage will appear on your screen. With the app taking the most amount of space at the top.
  • Now, tap on the app that is consuming a lot of space.
  • You will Documents and Data with its memory usage. The document adds cache files to the phone. If the data is consuming a lot of space. For example- 500 MB, uninstall the app. For uninstalling the app, tap on Delete App option.

How to Clear iPhone Storage

  • Once the device removes the app from your phone, you can re-install it.
  • The re-installation will facilitate clean installing of the app without documents and data.

iPhone Clear Cache

If you want to manually delete the cache files for different sites, follow this procedure:

  • First, unlock the phone and open the Settings of your device.
  • Open the Safari option that appears at the end of Mails, Contacts, Calendars section.
  • In the Safari option scroll down to the bottom of the page. Click on “Advanced”.
  • Now, the first option is Website Data. You need to tap on Website Data.
  • List of all the websites with the amount of space their cache files take will appear.
  • Slide to the left and delete button will appear. Tap on the delete button. Likewise, you can delete all the files manually. If you are looking for a way on How to clear cache in iPhone 6, follow the same steps.

How to Clear iPhone Storage

Looking for an even faster way on How to Clear Cache in iPhone? There is an alternative option too. You can open the AppStore and search for an app that performs similar tasks. There are a lot of apps available. Just a click and you will get rid of all the cache files on your iPhone.

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