How to Delete Apple ID Account from iPhone & iPad?

Looking for an easy way to delete Apple ID? Want to delete the old ID and create a new one? Once you delete the Apple ID, you cannot access the services offered by Apple. So make sure you back up the data before proceeding with the deletion process. Here, the steps on How to Delete Apple ID are given in detail. Go through the article so that you are able to delete Apple id easily.

How to Delete Apple ID

How to Delete Apple ID

When you buy a new iOS device, you have to register on the device through your Apple id. Without the Apple id registration, you can access the App Store. The iOS device already has some apps installed. But the apps are limited. There are multiple options on the iOS device that require Apple id. You cannot access iCloud, iTunes, iMessage, and Facetime without the Apple id. There are certain cases when you need to remove your id from the device. For example- If you are going to buy a new mobile, you will have to remove the data from the old mobile. You will have to delete Apple Id account so that your information is not accessed by the new user.

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Deleting Apple ID

There are two options available in case you are looking for How to delete old Apple id? You cannot completely delete the id on your own. You can change the primary email address associated with the Apple account. Thus, you won’t have any link to the Apple account. If you are still interested in deleting Apple id account, then call on Apple’s customer service.

How to Delete Apple ID from iPad

  • First, open the iTunes application on your device.
  • Second, click on Store. The store is one of the menu options on iTunes.
  • Click on the view Apple id option.
  • Now, tap on the Deauthorize All button. The button appears at the bottom right corner of the window. This option will remove the Apple id from the app.

Delete Apple ID from iPhone

  • In case, you have any auto-renew subscription left, turn off the option.
  • Open the Settings app on the device you wish to delete the Id from.
  • Scroll down and open the “App and iTunes Stores” option.
  • Tap on the Apple ID. A pop-up opens with a sign out option. Click on the Sign out option.
  • Visit the official site of apple I.e.
  • Enter your Apple id username and password to log in.
  • Next, to the Accounts section, you will find the edit button. Click on Edit button. Now, you can edit your personal details linked to the Apple ID.
  • Click on the text box for which you want to change the information. Edit and replace the details with some fake information.
  • Scroll down and look for payment details. Remove the payment information. If you have pending unpaid balance, then you won’t be able to remove the account. Make sure you pay the balance amount for successful deletion.
  • Remove the primary email address information from the account. Once you remove the email address, you can reuse it to create a new Apple account. You can use these steps to delete Apple id from iPhone.

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How to Remove Apple ID without Password

Learn How to Delete Apple ID using these steps:

  • You should have the latest version of iTunes for removing the Apple id.

Delete Apple ID Account

  • Connect your phone to the computer.
  • Restart your phone by pressing and holding the Sleep and Home button together. Keep holding until you see iTunes icon on the phone.
  • Once you enter the recovery mode, click on the Restore option.
  • The phone will reset and remove the Apple ID.

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