How to remove password from PDF file and document?

You might have faced problem while submitting payment slips and bank statements as well as other documents that your PDF file is not opening and there is some kind of problem in accessing the PDF file that is password problem. So here you can check “How to remove password from PDF file?” When you try to open the PDF file then sometimes you find the password protected problem. So here you can see how you can remove password from PDF to save your PDF file.

Recover password from PDF


How to remove password from PDF?

To remove PDF, the user doesn’t require any software. All you can do is to Google the problem and find the result. Google Chrome offers various features and is considered to be the most used browser for the PC and MAC users after Mozilla Firefox. The Google Chrome offers various extensions, apps, and flags. The user can use Google Chrome to open the PDF files where he or she needed to open the browser first and mention the password details. Check the Whole process here:

  • Open your Google Chrome browser.
  • Open any password protected PDF file and drag the file on Google Chrome browser.
  • It will then ask you for your credentials.
  • Enter your credentials here and your PDF will get open.
  • On the right-hand side of the page, you will find few options including rotate, save, and print.

How to remove password from PDF

  • Select the print option and new window will get open.
  • Select “Save as PDF” option.
  • If you forget to click on Save as PDF then select Save as PDF available on the options list.

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Recover PDF Password

You will find some of the PDFs uses the encryption for the password protection that you need to enter to view the document. The user can remove the password to save yourself so that you can easily keep your PDF file at a secure location. To remove PDF password protection you need different types of password removal system including Password cracker, password reset, and another recovery tool.

PDF password remover

The user can use this PDF remover to find, escape, remove the security constraint on PDF file to prevent from opening, changing, and printing of the PDF files.

Print, copy, and edit password protected PDF

The user can protect PDF in two ways: either using “user” or “owner” password. If the user is using user as the password then it will prevent the document without knowing the credentials whereas if the password is “owner” then it protects your data and information from printing, copying, and editing. Now, you can recover the PDF password that helps you remembering in a simpler way.

So here you can check How to remove password protected PDF applied to file and documents. Using these above methods you can protect your file against the password. You can use various methods to remove the password protection as well as to protect your pdf file and document against password protection feature.

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