Download Nomao Camera App for Android, iPhone (NAKED CAMERA)

Are you looking for devices to scan body or that allows you to take pictures without letting other person known about it? In the market, you will not found this kind of devices that let you see the whole naked body of the person who is properly dressed up. But with Nomao Camera App for Android, this can be possible. Check how the person can scan and check the naked body using the Nomao Camera App.

Nomao Camera App for Android

Nomao Camera App for Android

Nomao Camera App is said to be a Naked Camera App or Prank Application that let you scan the body of the other person no matter whether he or she was wearing clothes. This is one of the most wanted apps which are now in trend. Lots of people are looking for this amazing app and many of them already downloaded the app on their Android and iPhone devices. But make sure the app is only for those candidates who are above 18 years of age. Below you can check How to use the app and the technology behind this app.

Nomao Camera App

Details Nomao Camera Properties
App Name Nomao Camera
Latest Version V4.0.2
Download Size 1MB
License Free
Updated Date 15th January 2018
Functions Capture naked pictures
Developer Ritudy

What makes Nomao Camera App so popular?

The features and technology used in Nomao Camera App make the app so popular among youngsters. Here you can check the features and technology powered in the Nomao Camera App that makes the app so popular:

  • X-Ray Feature: Using this feature, the user can scan the body of the other person. The Nomao Camera App used such an amazing algorithm that let you see the hidden object without letting him or her know about it.
  • Magic Feature: With this feature, you can make your photograph beautiful as this feature offers you wonderful filters and options that turn your photograph into an amazing one. You can even create a video as well without informing the other person.

Nomao Camera Apk

  • Secret Camera Feature: To capture photos and videos, you need to enable the secret camera feature. Using the volume buttons, the user can capture amazing photos and videos.

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How to Use Nomao Camera?

The user can use the Nomao Camera similarly like other camera apps.

  • Keep your eye bird’s view like no one is noticing whenever you are using it publically or privately.
  • Keep the brightness of your phone at the maximum level so that the user can see the image perfectly.
  • Make sure that the view of the camera is in such a way that no one is noticing while capturing any photo.
  • After you have clicked the photo, you can forward the image to all your friends.

Download Nomao Camera Apk for Android

The process of downloading the Nomao Camera App for Android and Nomao Camera App for iPhone is similar. All you need to make few changes on your Android device by going to its settings part. For downloading the Nomao Camera App, go to the official website for Nomao Camera. Search for the download section and in the download section select the version that you want to download on your device. Similarly, you can download Nomao Camera App for iPhone.

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