Download TutuApp Regular Free for Android

There are many third-party app stores available online, but TutuApp is one of the best app store out of them. This app is a quite popular app in both Android, iOS and windows users. TutuApp Regular was developed by a Chinese start up and serving the Chinese communities for some time but now it is also available in all over the world.

TutuApp Regular

Tutuapp is available Free and you can also purchase its paid subscription. The free version of Tutu app is called “Tutu Regular” and Paid one is called “Tutu VIP”.

TuTuApp Regular free: Features

TutuApp has got immense demand especially in iOS users. It is so because the protocols of Apple that are much strict and customized on their device, users need to jailbreak their devices. The action of Jailbreaking may lose the right of user to get the repair done for the software from iOS outlets. This TuTuApp helps iOS users to customize their device without the jailbreak and logging in Apple ID.

Except this attractive feature of Tutu App, the other features which it has are as follows:

  • Download various paid apps free of cost.
  • Download its modded and hacked premium games free.
  • Suggestions to download more interesting and famous games.
  • Download at a very high downloading speed.
  • Does not require much technical knowledge to manage.
  • Easy navigation within the app.

Tutu Regular Vs Tutu VIP

We hope now you are interested in downloading the TuTuApp. But as it comes in two version so you are confused which one choose? Let us help you by giving the detailed differences between both of them.

Tutu Regular

  • The major difference between these two version is of price. Tutu Regular is a free version of TutuApp while TuTu VIP comes with a one-time payment fee of $6.99 approx.
  • TuTu Regular has less games or apps to install as compared of Tutu VIP version which has more hacked games and apps.
  • In TuTu Regular users can’t submit new app to add in TutuApp. In Tutu VIP users can request for New App. After approval users can download it.
  • If TuTu Regular App get deactivate then previously installed apps and games won’t work. But in the event of deactivation of TuTu VIP all apps and games will continue to run smoothly.
  • The regular version of TuTuApp can be revoked any time by the Apple but TuTu VIP version stays active forever even after iOS updates.

Thus, it clarifies the difference between the both versions of TuTuApp. Now it depends on the choice of users, with which version he wants to go. We would suggest to go with Regular version at first because it consists almost all paid games and apps then you can go for paid version of the App to save your all downloaded games and apps.

It’s a very interesting App and if you are game lover then you must try this app. You would get those games free which cost very high amount.

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