Auto Detailing Service for Your Car Wash Business

The auto detailing business is rapidly growing exponentially worldwide. As with virtually any industry, there are always good and bad providers. In such a competitive environment, you really need to narrow your choices in order that your vehicle receives the special attention and care that it truly deserves. There are many auto detailers out there but not all of them are created equally. In order to find the best, you should consider certain important tips when choosing a company for your detailing needs. Read on for some tips that will help you find the best auto detailing service provider around.

Before anything else, take into account the kind of auto detailing service that you require. Is your vehicle window washed or thoroughly cleaned inside and out? What about its exterior, such as painting, bodywork, and detailing? What type of services do you expect from the company? Will you be receiving all-in-one paint preparation, waxing, polish, exterior detailing, or something else?

When considering an auto detailing service, consider whether you would prefer a company that will do a car wash and detail as well as paint job. Some auto dealers only paint while others will wash, polish, and detail. If you prefer to have a car wash done first then you might want to consider an auto detailing company that offers both services, but if you don’t mind washing your car only, then choose a provider that does paint only.

The company should also offer complimentary touch ups such as touch up paint jobs or window tint removal. Another service that you should ask for is window cleaning. A good auto detailing service will clean windows inside and out. This is especially important if your windows are tinted because dirty windows will affect the brightness and visibility of your car and make it harder to see the road in low light situations.

Detailing experts will use high-pressure hot water along with a gentle cleanser to clean your car. Use a car wash machine that is designed specifically for washing vehicles. Most companies also provide cleaners that work best on vehicles and have added treatments for stubborn grime or dirt. These treatments will help your vehicle last longer and keep your car looking great when it comes time to detail.

Ask about the company’s equipment and technology. Some car detailing services do not use the latest equipment and technology when cleaning and detailing. For example, some companies use brushes that were made 30 years ago when detailing cars. Others do not use chemicals that are as harsh as they could be because of the amount of chemicals that could potentially be hazardous to people. Think about what you are willing to put up with before hiring an auto detailing service. Find out what equipment and technology they use and whether or not these will be necessary for your particular detailing needs.

Do they use only the best chemicals and cleaning products? A good auto detailing service will work with trusted, organic cleaners that are made especially for the car wash industry. When you get a car wash, the last thing you want is for unwanted odors to come through as residue from the cleaning solutions. Ask if they use such organic ingredients that will mask unpleasant smells. Does the company work closely with the manufacturer of the car? If they are certified by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) for superior chemical performance, you know you are getting the best possible results for your car wash.

Consider what the different auto detailing shops can do for your car. Most professional detailers offer a wide range of services from deep cleaning to the quick shampoo. They may also do touch ups like waxing and polish to give your vehicle a fresh, clean look. With so many different detailing services available, it should be easy to find one that fits your needs and provides you with the best value for your dollar.